Tree Of Life Ring. Mens

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Tree Of Life Ring. Mens

Tree of life ring

An iconic symbol of healing, growth, and a resilient spirit dating back to antiquity, this Mans Tree of Life ring is carefully engraved and handcrafted out of sheet silver. Each time I craft this ring it is always different.

Polished to a high sheen , the engraving is oxidised black to create a permanent patina.

10mm wide and 1.2mm thick.

This style ring dates back to the time of the ancient Druids of Ireland but it is not a uniquely irish ring in fact nearly all ancients cultures have a legend about the Tree of Life. From Viking legends to ancient Indian writings nearly all cultures have this legend in common. So although it is a common theme in Irish jewelry and celtic jewelry, the design can be seen in ancient mauscripts and traditional jewelry from all over the world.

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