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Spelling out 'I LOVE YOU' in sterling silver.

Hand fabricated in 95 Church Street, Listowel from the finest materials, this pendant is crafted to last a lifetime.

Choose your length of silver chain from the drop down menu.

Please allow 2 weeks for crafting , due to the difficult handcrafting skills involved.

Deaf Heritage dates the origin of the ILY to 1905. However, resident students of deaf schools from the early 20th century do not recall seeing the sign anywhere until the 1970s.

The sign received significant media exposure with Richard Dawson's use of the ILY in his signoff from each episode of the Family Feud, which he hosted from 1976 to 1985. Presidential candidate Jimmy Carter reportedly picked it up from a group of Deaf supporters in the Midwest and, in 1977, during his Inauguration Day parade, flashed the ILY to a group of Deaf people on the sidewalk.

Popular 80s professional wrestler Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka would frequently flash the ILY sign with both hands during his matches and interviews, including while standing on the top rope before delivering his finishing move "Superfly Splash".

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