Ladies Claddagh Ring. Silver

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Claddagh ring Silver
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Ladies Claddagh Ring. Silver

Irish Ladies Claddagh

How to wear a Claddagh ring.

The traditional Irish Claddagh ring design is a very old Irish jewelry ring made up of a pair of hands, which represents friendship; a heart, which speaks of love; and a crown, which stands for loyalty. It is usually placed on the finger and worn as an Irish promise ring. Discover how to wear a Claddagh ring, whether you choose to wear it with romantic meaning or showcase fyour new Claddagh ring just for its beauty. Before Marriage Place the Irish Claddagh ring on the ring finger of your right hand. The ring must be worn on your right hand, rather than your left. Wearing it on your ring finger shows that you're taken, but not yet married Wear your silver ladies Claddagh with the heart facing out to show that you're single. The heart should point toward the end of your finger, and the crown should point inwards. This sends a signal to the world that you're open to love, and that your heart is ready to give. Wear the Claddagh ring with the heart facing in to show that you're dating. When you are dating, reverse the ring that the heart faces toward the center of your hand (the bottom of the heart points inwards). This means your heart is at the moment taken.


Wear the Claddagh on the ring finger of your left hand. Placing a Claddagh ring on this finger is a traditional symbol of engagement or marriage in Irish culture. When you wear a Claddagh on your left ring finger, it means you have found the one. Wearing the Claddagh with the heart facing outwards shows that you’re engaged. Before you officially marry, you can use the Claddagh ring as an engagement ring. Facing the heart out means that you are taken, but have not married.

Wearing the Irish Claddagh with the heart turned in means that you have tied the knot. A great many Irish people abroad and in Ireland use the Claddagh ring as a wedding ring. The heart turns in to mean that you are taken and that your heart has been given to another. The ring is turned around during the wedding ceremony.

Wearing this Irish ring to display your heritage.

Many Irish people wear Claddagh rings as a representation of Irish heritage, rather than to show their romantic status. Claddagh rings can indeed be worn on any finger and can be turned in either direction, whichever is comfortable for the woman or man wearing it. Claddaghs don't have to be used to show romantic status, and can be placed on the left ring finger without a relationship or engagement or a marriage.

◦ people also wear the Claddagh as a necklace, rather than on their fingers. ◦ Claddagh rings can also be worn as bracelets or earrings to celebrate Irish heritage Wear the ring to remember someone special. Irish ladies Claddagh rings make extremely meaningful gifts for friends and family, even if romance is not involved. If you have got a Claddagh ring as a present and choose not to wear it for romantic reasons, it is perfectly fine to wear it anyway you choose.The Claddagh has actually been worn since Roman times!

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