Irish Heraldic Ring

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Irish coat of arms ring
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Irish Heraldic Ring

Once long, long ago a family name was more than just what people called you. These names symbolised the region you were from, the livelihood that your clan were known for and your family history. If one was from a noble family, then the men had shields for when they did battle, and on this shield was clearly emblazoned a "coat of arms," or a family crest; symbols which identified the family and the soldier carrying it.

Irish Family Ring

Like dog-tags for ancient soldiers, a "coat of arms" identified knights and other noblemen in battle. The crest which appeared on the shield was often also engraved into jewelry, such as this signet ring above. These were also used as identification. Bearing a signet ring with a family crest in ancient times was used as proof-positive about your identity.

Family Coat of Arms Ring

This striking Irish ring features your family coat of arms carved into the center section by an Irish trained goldsmith (me). I used the Lion sigil as it is a common heraldic symbol for many families but of course I can carve any family sigil in the centre

Heraldic Ring

A coat of arms ring is a unique heraldic design. This design dates back over 800 years and was originally worn to prove the identity of the wearer. Wear your family name with pride for an heirloom to be passed down from one generation to the next.

Please specify your family name and finger size in the additional comments whilst ordering.

Crafted in Ireland in the small workshops of A Mac Dáibhi at 95 Church Street, Listowel, County Kerry

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