Tungsten with 18k Yellow Gold Groove

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Tungsten 18k Groove
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Hammered and textured with an 18K yellow gold groove. A unique ring for a unique person.

The basis of tungsten’s reputation is the unusual hardness of this metal, and its resistance to the problems that commonly plague metals like gold, platinum, and sterling silver.

Tungsten is much harder than any of these materials, ranking closer to diamonds on the scale used to measure such things; this is why tungsten is not prone to the scratching, scuffing, or bending that can happen to a more traditional metal under even the lightest routine.

Tungsten is also non-reactive, meaning it will not tarnish or discolor. Compared to other, more standard types of Irish jewellery or rings tungsten rings are far more likely to look as good as they did the day you put them on. Much of tungsten attraction also lies in the uniqueness of the material and the interesting ways in which tungsten can be formed and accented.

The unmistakeable grey hue of tungsten carbide rings can be brightened with a mirror finish or warmed with a brushed finish like other metals, but it can also be blackened or laser engraved with complex designs and formed with facets and ring shapes that are impractical for metals that aren’t as likely to hold their shape and brightness.

A tungsten ring simply doesn’t look like anything else, and you won’t find a tougher ring with this kind of versatility and beauty.


It must be addressed, however, that even this great ring will require considerations of its potential drawbacks.

Most of us, for any number of reasons, are going to change ring sizes in our lifetime. With a fashion piece, this isn’t necessarily an issue as it can simply be moved to another finger, but wedding rings obviously don’t have that kind of flexibility. Like many traditional styles that involve eternity settings or intricate details, tungsten rings cannot be resised by conventional means.

Resizing a tungsten ring means simply getting a different ring that was manufactured in the size you need. Also, a harder material that does not bend is more likely to break; this means that a tungsten wedding band will never bend out of round and cause the wearer any of the related problems that can occur when a gold band bends

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