Four Leaf Clover Earrings

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Four Leaf Clover earrings
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Four Leaf Clover Earrings

Irish Celtic Jewelry

Add a little good luck with these Sterling Silver Four Leaf Clover Studs. Perfect as a Good Luck gift or a birthday treat. These beautiful four leaf clover stud earrings with butterfly clasps are made of sterling silver featuring green glass enamel detailing. Four Leaf Clover stud earrings are a fun design to wear and would be excellent as a gift.

The approximate measurement of these earrings is 9.00mm in length and width and 0.80mm depth at deepest point. These stud earrings feature 10.00mm posts and are supplied with excellent quality butterfly scrolls.

History of the 4 Leaf Clover

Around the world these days four-leaf clovers are usually connected with Saint Patrick's Day - However, did you know they pop up in ancient legends as representations of good luck? The Druids of Ancient Ireland, through the mists of time, trusted that whenever they had a three-leaf clover or shamrock on their person, they would have the ability to view malevolent ghosts approaching and give the Druids the opportunity to hide before they were seen.

Four-leaf clovers were indeed the first Irish Celtic charms, believed to bestow magical protective energies on the wearer and protect against bad luck.

Did you Know?

Children (and their parents) in Europe during the Middle Ages fervently believed that if one was to carry a four-leaf clover, they would have the power to view fairies, and that the first actual literary mention to suggest the four leaf clovers actual properties of bestowing good luck was written in the year 1620 by Sir John Melton.

Facts About 4-Leaf Clovers that you didn't know?

1. There are roughly ten thousand three-leaf clovers for every "lucky" four-leaf clover. 2. There are absolutely no genuine clover plants that naturally sprout four leaves, so that's the reason why four-leaf clovers are so rare. 3. The leaves of four-leaf clovers in Irish tradition actually symbolise hope, faith, love, and luck. 4. It was often spoken of that the country of Ireland was home to a great many more 4-leaf clovers than any other place in the world. Thus giving justification to the old expression "the luck of the Irish."

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