Forever Celtic Ring

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Forever Celtic Ring

Forever was never a measure of time - It is a measure of will.

Forever Celtic Ring crafted in Ireland

Celtic knots form the shape of a heart entwined in the symbol of infinity which is indicative of how our life and eternity are so very much interconnected.

But wait, there's more - This complex but simple design is utilised as a decorative feature in this beautiful Celtic ring.

Available in silver and gold and handcrafted in Ireland.

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The bottom line is - Despite the seemingly commonality of Celtic knots, these designs are not particularly well understood in todays culture.

My point is - When you pbuy a T-shirt with a Celtic knot, are you aware of the deep symbolism and spirituality attached to it?

Understanding The Meanings of Celtic Knot Jewelry

The ancient Celtic civilisations that had spread all across Europe have long since ceased to exist - however, strong pockets of influence remain everywhere and if you look the ancient Celts influence can be felt nearly everywhere. One of the most iconic designs that the ancient Celts left us are Celtic knots. These knots are entwined ribbons that have no beginning and no ending and because of this unique pattern symbolise eternity. Eternity in the qualities of loyalties, faithfuness, kinship and love (both romantic and familial).

Celtic Knot History and origins

What we can gather in connection to Celtic knots comes from a time after 450 A.D when the Church influence on the Celtic culture started to become apparent . The Irish Jewelry and metalwork designs can also be seen in a variety of early celtic Church artwork and Irish biblical manuscripts with entwined knot work plants, people and zoomorphic animal in the early celtic art. In fact some, but not all Irish experts in Irish history have come to think the origins of Celtic knots may have in all probability started as early as 500 B.C. What historians know is that Celtic knot jewelry designs were used as early as the third century A.D and can be seen on ancient Roman floor mosaics - whether these were influence by Irish Celts or the Irish Celts were influenced by the Romans is hard to tell.

The first Celtic Ring Design

One of the important reasons as to why it is so hard to place a precise date on Celtic knot ring usage is due to the fact that the traditional culture of Celtic knot making in metalworking for example was passed down from word of mouth and teaching of practical skills; no written records has created much difficulty in pinpointing the precise time when Celtic knotwork ring design began to spread. It looks likely that the Celts travelled to Europe and the Scottish Highlands bringing their skills with them. Hence Scottish jewelry today is still popular in this area - being of Celtic influence.

A Theory

There is a theory among some historians who study ancient Irish history that the pagan Celts drew these Celtic symbols because they believed it was wrong to depict or create images of people or animals; in fact, a number scholars think the ancient Celtic pagan religion was very similar to Islam in that realistic depictions of living creatures were not allowed. because of this, the restriction might just have created the style of Celtic knots in the same way as it did for the Arabic calligraphy.

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