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Father Daughter Pendant
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This symbol has it roots in ancient Irish mythology. It tells the story of a young Brigid who sat beside her dying Chieftain father. As Brigid waited in her sorrow she began to weave a Celtic knot in rushes for she could not put in words the depth of emotions and love she had for him. Her father noticed and asked, “What are you doing?” Brigid explained, “The rushes are me and the many knots and loops are your love and lessons you have given to me. “ But if the rushes are you, where am I ?”, said her father. You are the most important piece of all Father, for you are the cross in the centre that has shaped the design. Irish jewellery design - Made in ireland.

The Celtic symbol for father and daughter represents an eternal connection. One ribbon of silver is used in this design which symbolises how father and daughter are interconnected. Crafted in white enamel, crystals and sterling silver - this pendant is reversible so that either side can be worn facing outwards.
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