Celtic Triple Spiral Pendant

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Celtic Triple Spiral Pendant

Celtic Spiral Necklace

This silver Celtic triple spiral pendant or triskele symbol represents the spiral of life and was found in the Newgrange archaeological site in the Boyne valley, Ireland. This site dates back 5200 years.

The Silver triple Celtic spiral necklace is an ancient symbol of Celtic beliefs, and was used consistently in Celtic art for over 3000 years. It represents the three Celtic worlds; the spiritual world, the present world and the celestial world.

What is the meaning of Celtic jewelry?

The Triskele design also known as the Triple Spiral or Triskelion

This word comes from the ancient Greek language "Triskeles" meaning "three legs", the Triskele or Triple Spiral is a complicated ancient Irish Celtic jewelry symbol. Usually talked about as a Triskelion, its first usage (as far as we know) dates way back to the Neolithic era it can be seen at the opening to the Neolithic tomb in the Boyne Vally, Newgrange, Ireland. That being said, the Triskele symbol began to gain traction within the Celtic culture from 500BC onwards. This is due to the fact that early Irish scribes were using the pattern in their now ancient manuscripts. This truly, truly ancient symbols is probably the most difficult Celtic design to find its meaning as symbolists and historians alike know it comes from many areas of culture and many eras and generations.

History of the Celtic spiral Pendant

Firstly, the Celtic Spiral symbolises movement as the three spirals are placed to create the illusion that it is spinning inward from its centre. It is believed to signify mystical energy, in particular inside this Celtic Jewelry Symbol the feeling of action, rebirth, progress, revolution and change.

A deeper meaning of Irish Jewelry

Secondly, and a slight bit more difficult for historians to ascertain, is the perfect symbolism of the 3 spirals of the Celtic triskele. There is much debate which changes depending on the timeframe/era, cultural bias, the myths and historical document from that culture, which is the reason we have today so many varieties in meaning as to what the 3 spiralling curves in the Irish triple spiral symbol mean.These symbolisms include: life-death-rebirth, spirit-mind-body, mother-father-child, past-present-future, power-intellect-love and creation-preservation-destruction to name but a few.

Represents a story of moving forward

It is trusted to symbolise our story of moving forward to gain knowledge and understanding. That being said, historians believe this is not the only meaning. It is additionally trusted to speak of three Celtic worlds; the spirit world, this world and Space/the universe (the ancient celts like all future were fascinated with the stars. Similar to the ancient Trinity knot pendant, the number 3 holds a special symbolism within the triskele pendant.

What does the Tiskelion ymbol mean?

Meanings of the Celtic triskele differ greatly. There are varied representations and the magic of this design is that it has a great many possibilities. Although this Celtic symbol is far more complicated and ancient than others designs such as the knot work on Celtic rings it is still a design which resonates in todays world. This design is most prominent in Irish Celtic Jewelry notably as Celtic pendants

Photography by A. Mac Daibhi, Copyright 2023 Celticjewelry.ie

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