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Celtic Ring | Irish Jewellery | Celtic Knot Ring

An ancient Irish ring

Did you know - Celtic rings, with their ancient Celtic symbols of interlacing knot-work, are the ideal symbol of Irishness, vows of love, and friendship. These are the ideal choice for many loving couples.

But wait there's more, Aidi Macdàibhi Celtic rings are symbolic of whispered promises made real. This ring is handcrafted to last a lifetime, whether made in silver or gold. The perfect symbol of an eternal promise and a gift that will become an heirloom. This Celtic ring is crafted in Sterling Silver. Please specify whilst ordering (in the comments box) if you'd like the ring with the black patina or a standard polish.

Celtic Spirals

This is said to be illustrative of the Heavens, Cosmos and Water. In old Celtic culture, the spiral was a portrayal of the sun while a twofold winding spoke represented the equinox.

Celtic Knot Ring Patterns

There are many variants to this Celtic knot ring. It is usually crafted with undulating braids of gold and flowing to form a continuous Celtic design around the ring – this Celtic ring creates a wave form similar to that of sound or light, and as such symbolises life, the music of the universe, and the energy behind the order of creation.

Famous Celtic Knot Jewelry Designs

For people of Welsh, Irish and Scottish legacy, Celtic knot ring designs can be viewed as a wellspring of extraordinary social pride. As I said above, historical specialists in Celtic art can't concede whether there are particular implications to each ring design. As an outcome, some of the most famous ring designs have had Celtic meanings ascribed to them inside the last 150 or so years and I break down them next.

Trinity Knot

This is apparently the best known Celtic knot and is likewise called the Triquetra. The focuses on this three-overlap knot are said to speak to the Holy Trinity of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit yet this can't be said as generally precise because the design is much older. Online today, you will see Trinity knots in many types of Celtic jewelry and also it’s extremely common to see this design in tattoos.

Celtic Spiral

This is said to mean unceasing life and is accepted to be one of the most established Celtic designs in jewelry. This is another three-sided design which symbolises  water, fire and earth which are the powers of nature. This use of negative space highlight a solitary constant line which speaks to unity of soul and solidarity

Celtic Love Knot

This Celtic ring example highlights interweaved ties and speaks to the adoration between two individuals. It is trusted that the Celts traded these knots similarly as we trade rings in the present day age.

Shield Knot

This is regarded to be an old Celtic design of security and was set either on war zones or close to sick individuals as a methods for warding off malevolence from dark spirits or different perils. Despite the fact that the Shield design can be made in various ways, its four particular corners should dependably be incorporated. Plans typically involve thick strands with tight interlaced examples as a methods for delineating an unbreakable boundary. 

Celtic Knot Crosses

This elaborate cross was given an importance by both the Pagan religion and the Christian church. As indicated by Pagan religion, the Celtic Cross is typical of the four corners, the components and it is the meeting place for all perfect energies. As indicated by Christian religion, it has the imagery and importance of the cross on which Jesus Christ,  was killed

However, both Pagans and Christians had their own particular importance related with the Celtic Cross

The Celtic Rings meaning (then and now).

[Irish Rings Meaning of Celtic Symbols]

Most researchers and historians trust that Celtic rings were created for religious and mainstream purposes. In early Christian times manuscripts  (with Celtic crosses and gems) were embellished with these images. Be that as it may, history specialists are experiencing issues determining whether there was a specific Celtic Knot meaning to these designs.  Behind every intricate Celtic ring perhaps it has a meaning. Generally, it shows up as though the Celts did not have any uncommon importance for each Celtic pattern as they were usually utilized as enhancements to fill blank spaces in manuscripts, for example, in the Book Kells.

Celtic Ring Patterns

Intertwined Celtic Knot rings and the patterns design on the rings often represent the interconnectedness of life due to the ribbons of gold or silver weaving around the ring to form a knot with no end or beginning.


There are an amazing number of ways in which Celtic knot jewelry can be worn. If you are interested in a Celtic knot ring, take a look through my site to discover the traditions and craftsmanship that make my Irish jewelry unique and personal. I hope you now have a little more understanding and history regarding the Celtic rings meaning and that you have a deeper respect for the traditions involved with Celtic rings. Mens and womens matching rings make and ideal Celtic wedding set. Remember to choose a finish on this piece of Irish Jewellery. Oxidised or not? Copyright celticjewelry.ie 2023

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