Celtic Mother Pendant

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Celtic Mother Pendant

Celtic Mother's Necklace in Silver

Think about it - buying a birthday gift for your Mother should be so easy, after all there are so many well crafted designs out there that respect the unique woman who gave you life and raised you.

As it turns out thats not exactly true.

To make a point just before Mothers Day, last year I began searching for inspiration for something to craft for my very own Mother. Perhaps I’d find a Mothers tattoo that could be adapted into a piece of jewelry or a beautiful Mothers gift that I could create in precious metals.

You see I’ve actually never searched for a Mothers day gift online and very quickly I became frustrated with the lack of good design skills in the gifts I was seeing.

Sadly, they just didn’t come close in craftsmanship or design to warrant a second look.

Meanwhile, as I searched I began to realise that I would have to design and create something beautifully aesthetic that captured the essence of the Mother Child relationship because nearly everything I saw was clearly designed just to hop on the Mothers day bandwagon.

Good news - I began sketching and thinking of my Mothers love, I thought of our happy times together and if she would enjoy my design. I spent almost a day drawing and redrawing and revising until I knew this was the special design. I then made a prototype and hammered it and revised it some more, until before I knew it a week had passed and I had the design that you see above.

Simply stated - Here is a very unique and well designed Celtic Mother silver pendant in the form of a mother and child. This is my design and can not be bought anywhere else. It was created, designed and crafted by myself.

Celtic Mother Necklace

The Celtic Mother Child Knot is a handcrafted Irish pendant representing the spirit of the Mother and Child’s bond. This Irish Mothers Knot Necklace speaks to the love of your Mother and her child.

And that’s just part of the story - Look closely at this silver Celtic Motherhood pendant and it reveals the infinity symbol crafted in Irish knot work.

Also, I can place another child on to the Celtic motherhood symbol by engraving the names on to this Celtic sign for mother and child.

The Celtic Motherhood Knot pendant, also called the Irish Mother’s Knot necklace was designed by me in Listowel, County Kerry, ireland

What’s more, the Celtic Mother’s Knot Pendant would actually make a very suitable Irish gift for Irish Mother’s day. Flowing ribbons of precious metal intwine to create representations of two human forms embracing within the symbol of infinity.

Treat yourself, your mother, or grandmother to a deeply personal, unique and handcrafted piece of Irish jewelry.

Celtic Mothers Pendant

For my online shop I have crafted this Celtic Mother Daughter Pendant in precious metal to resonate with the connection you have for your Mother daughter relationship or Mother/son relationship.

For almost thirty years working at the jewellers bench I have used traditional Irish jewelry skills to create this Irish Mothers necklace in a contemporary Irish style with respect for our Irish heritage.

Celtic Mother and Child symbol meaning

For me personally, it was important to imbue this precious metal with a spiritual element because a mothers love connects the whole family with the love that flows through her.

This original design stand for a mothers strength, love and honesty, and importantly it is a talisman for fertility and life.

Crafted out of sheet silver by my hand.

This Celtic pendant design symbolises a mother and child and the love that is strong between them.
This was imagined, designed and crafted by myself and is only sold through me. This pendant comes with a choice of strong chain 20 inch or 18 inch. This handmade piece of Celtic Jewelry usually ships in a week after order confirmation

Copyrighted Celticjewelry.ie 2018

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