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Celtic Heart Ring Silver

Heart Wishbone Ring. 6 facts to help you decide if it’s right for you.

1. They symbolise luck (in love, due to the heart design pierced out on top)

The concept of a “wishbone” goes all the way back to 4th Century Rome: two people pull on a turkey wishbone and the one left with the bone’s “V” is said to have all her wishes come true. Today, this wishbone superstition is still very much alive. As a consequence, wishbones are a popular shape for amulets and charms.

2. They were invented during the Victorian era

The Victorians loved symbolic jewellery. Their designs often featured gems, shapes and colours that had a hidden meaning. It’s easy to see why the wishbone would capture their imaginations. When the “V” shape was translated from amulets to rings during the Victorian era, they became an instant hit. These small, personal pieces of jewellery held a deep romantic and personal meaning for their wearer.

3. Many people wear them for luck even today

Most people still wear wishbone rings simply because they believe them to act as lucky charms. For this reason, they are often given as gifts on important birthdays, anniversaries, or as wedding rings

4. Perfect wedding ring shapes

Another more practical reason for wearing this particular style of ring is if you’re already wearing an engagement ring with a central stone. Most people prefer to wear their wedding ring and their engagement ring at the same time, and for this purpose the wishbone ring is ideal. With a standard band, the diamond on your engagement ring may become damaged as the band rubs up against it – or the band may sit separated from the engagement ring as you can see in the far right picture. However, the wishbone ring’s “V” shape can accommodate even larger, low-set solitaires comfortably and with no scratching or damage to the stone – as seen in pictures 1 and 2 below. (if you'd like me to craft one in gold, just contact me)

5. They can be worn any way up

Some people believe that wishbone rings should be worn pointing a certain way up, but this in fact is not true. Wishbone rings work well as “stacking rings”, where several rings are worn together on the same finger, and they can be worn pointing towards any direction.

6. The Hearts Wish ring look strikingly beautiful set with a diamond

This Wish ring set with a gem is eye-catching because it has such an unusual shape that’s teamed with the sparkle of a single diamond.

What are the Wishbone Beliefs and Traditions?

You may have come across Wishbone Rings without thinking too much about their shape - This unusual shape originated from the fourth century and the Roman Empire as superstitions trusted that wishbones were lucky. The activity of pulling a Wishbone turned into a well known Thanksgiving convention in the USA. It's thought the one remaining with the bones "V" will have every one of their desires materialize - your wished shall come true. In light of this famous custom, the shape of the Wishbone was utilized for pendants and charms. The term 'godsend' was given to the individual that won the bigger end of the wishbone in which they would have their desire conceded. Initially hens were utilized for this custom yet as time as advanced the hen has been supplanted by Geese, Turkey and Guinea Fowl. You may run over a few societies that break the wishbone of the fowl, by pulling with their little fingers; once they have made their desire they break the unresolved issue who gets their desire. In the mid 1900's wishbones were utilized as a part of welcome cards and postcards as an image of discovering love, you may of even hung a wishbone over an entryway simply like mistletoe!

Wishbones in Jewelry

Typical jewelry was to a great degree mainstream with the Victorians, who appreciated wearing a scope of gemstones, all of which may have had shrouded implications inside them. Wishbone jewelry was among the rundown of famous jewelry for the Victorians and turned into a sentimental explanation as it was an image that would bring two individuals together.

What do Wishbone Rings Symbolize?

Not exclusively is it seen as an individual or sentimental motion between the supplier and the wearer, the Wishbone likewise symbolizes fortunes to numerous wearers thus they are regularly given as presents on birthday events, commemorations and furthermore utilized as wedding bands. What makes them significantly more extraordinary is most Wishbone rings are set with precious stones, which is a standout amongst the most sturdy substances thus makes a sentiment the ring speaking to quality and enduring fortunes which will convey them into what's to come. Ruby Wishbone Ring

Wishbone Rings as Wedding Rings

You may have seen Wishbone rings are worn as wedding bands or wedding bands and there's justifiable reason explanation behind it! Do they speak to love and fortunes as well as the state of Wishbone, predominantly the "V" area is an ideal buddy to another ring as it takes into consideration more space for a moment ring to sit easily above or underneath without intemperate scratching and rubbing of the rings metal, which implies you can have a greater precious stone without agonizing over harming the stone!

The Perfect Jewelry Piece

Another reason Wishbones are basically splendid is they can be worn whichever way you wish. Some trust that the ring must be worn a specific far up yet that is not the situation as Wishbone rings are splendid as 'stacking rings' – a well known pattern right now – thus you can wear the ring how it best suits you, coordinating it with various styles and shaded rings makes an incredible ring stack. In any case if your Wishbone ring is worn as a wedding band it's normal that the rings "V" would point down towards the wrist so that the wedding band would fit consummately on best.

The Modern Celtic heart ring - Wishbone Ring

Obviously one straightforward reason this style of ring has been well known for so long is that it's just excellent and in case you're searching for something a little unique it's a splendid decision, particularly once it's collaborated with shimmering precious stones. It's hard not to oppose the ponder of the Wishbone ring. There are additionally a wide range of plans of Wishbone rings and the style in which the jewels are set so there is a lot of decision and obviously there are many styles that incorporate shaded gemstones and in addition precious stones.

Beside wishbone rings and precious stones going as one, you can likewise discover the wishbone image in an assortment of jewelry; charms, earrings, accessories and the sky is the limit from there, there are some exquisite sensitive bits of jewelry in which the wishbone image is the ideal present for an extraordinary occasion, regardless of whether it's a birthday, graduation or perhaps another home or occupation, giving somebody the image of fortunes and love with guarantee they get every one of their desires and the sky is the limit from there.

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