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Celtic Cat Pendant
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Celtic Cat Pendant

Silver Celtic Cat Pendant

I understand how difficult it is to find a beautifully thought out and well crafted piece of Cat jewelry so thats why I put my love and passion for Irish jewelry into this piece.

But that’s just part of the story…

1100 years ago an unknown Irish scribe hiding from the Viking raids penned a little poem in the margins of a manuscript he was working on. This inspired me to make this pendant. Look closely - A Trinity Celtic Knot is were our little friend slumbers.

As if that’s not enough to peak your interest - here is the poem translated from Irish..

I and Pangur Bán my cat,'Tis a like task we are at: Hunting mice is his delight, Hunting words I sit all night. Better far than praise of men 'Tis to sit with book and pen; Pangur bears me no ill-will, He too plies his simple skill 'Tis a merry task to see At our tasks how glad are we, When at home we sit and find Entertainment to our mind. Oftentimes a mouse will stray In the hero Pangur's way; Oftentimes my keen thought set Takes a meaning in its net. 'Gainst the wall he sets his eye Full and fierce and sharp and sly; 'Gainst the wall of knowledge I All my little wisdom try. When a mouse darts from its den, O how glad is Pangur then! O what gladness do I prove When I solve the doubts I love! So in peace our task we ply, Pangur Ban, my cat, and I; In our arts we find our bliss, I have mine and he has his. Practice every day has made Pangur perfect in his trade;I get wisdom day and night Turning darkness into light.

About your Celtic Cat Pendant...

Cats, both tamed and roaming wild, were holy to the Irish Gods and Goddesses in Celtic myths, and they were believed to be a potent totem animal of quite a few ancient Irish tribes. The ancient Celtic people believed that our feline friends guarded the gate to the spirit world, and were also guardians of their Celtic silver jewelry!

But wait there’s more, In ancient legend Celtic cats helped people connect to a spiritual link with the universe.
Indeed, our furry feline friends are magical creatures, mysterious and otherworldly.

Trinity Knot Meanings

The Trinity knot is additionally called the Triquetra and is one of the best known images in Celtic culture. The Celtic Christian church utilized it to speak to the Holy Trinity, yet different societies utilized the image as well and each appended its own importance to it. The Trinity knot comprises of three corners, a few outlines additionally incorporate the hover in the inside.

History of the Celtic Trinity Knot

These are just a few of the amazing facts hidden in this Cat pendant

"Triquetra" originates from the Latin for 'three-cornered' and despite the fact that its origins are obscure, it has been found on Indian manuscripts that are more than 5,000 years of age. It has likewise been found on cut stones in Northern Europe dating from the eighth century AD and on early Germanic coins.

No doubt about it,

The amazing Book of Kells, accepted to be from the mid ninth century, likewise bears the Trinity knot image among its other enriching fine art. It's feasible the Trinity knot had religious significance for heathens, Druids and pagans and it likewise looks to some extent like the Valknut which is an image related with Odin, a respected God in Norse mythology.

To make a point,

As to when the Trinity knot's appearance in Celtic culture came about , it appears as though the unmistakable style first started amid Ireland's Insular Art development around the seventh century - yet it is hard to get an exact date. The Triquetra is actually one of the simplest knot examples in Celtic art.

As it turns out,

Alongside other Celtic knotwork designs, the Trinity knot ws extremely popular in Ireland until the Norman Invasion whereupon this type of fine art went into decay. Celtic knotwork was basically kept alive amid the dark ages because of support from Gaelic privileged people.

By the fifteenth century, knotwork moved toward becoming seen as a major aspect of a political and social character and imagery. For example, the Trinity knot by this time started to embellish weapons and jewelry. However occasions of the Trinity knot being utilized as embellishment altogether decreased from the time of the Jacobean Rebellion in the mid eighteenth century.

But wait there’s more,

It was not until the mid nineteenth century and the onset of the 'Celtic Revival' did we see more instances of Celtic knotwork enrichment and portrayals of the diverse images have been duplicated with consistency from that point forward.

What Does The Trinity Knot Mean?

An incredible aspect regarding the Trinity knot pendant design is its flexibility; it has been utilized as an image in an assortment of religions and even today, it has new noteworthiness.


As it turns out,

The three purposes of the Trinity knot speak to the Holy Trinity of Father, Son and Holy Spirit. In its unique type of vesicae pisces, it consolidates the fish which is a prevalent Christian image. Infrequently, you may see the Trinity knot encased inside a circle as a methods for stressing solidarity or forever.

Christians believe the Celtic Triquetra pendant started with Irish missionaries who carried the image with them alongside their belongings while converting the Celts to Christianity.

However numerous history specialists are of the mind that unique Celtic knotwork designs are Celtic in origin and not in fact Christian. Nonetheless, not one prominent student of history believes the Trinity knot to be identified with the Holy Trinity - this is something that haas been added to the meaning starting probably in the 1800's, receding and the coming back in to fashion in the early 1970's.

So we do know that later, Christians utilized this knot to symbolize the Holy Trinity and added a circle to speak of the after life.

Wiccans and Neopagans

The Trinity knot is typical of the triple way of the Goddess as mother, maiden and crone. The mother as a goddess is illustrative of creation, the maiden is illustrative of innocence and the crone is illustrative of insight/wisdom. It is likewise illustrative of the powers of nature (earth, fire and water) and the three interlocking circles are typical of female ripeness.

Other Possible Meanings of the Trinity Pendant

As thought by the ancient Irish Celts, the important things on the planet came in threes; three spaces (earth, ocean and sky), three components, three phases of life and so forth. It is likewise conceivable that the Triquetra meant the lunar and sun oriented stages. Amid unearthings at different archeological digs from the Celtic period, various Trinity knot images have been found close by sun based and lunar images.

The Celtic Trinity In The Modern Era

Just like the case with a great deal of Celtic imagery, the Trinity knot has been adapted to a large group of cultural applications. One of the best known employments of the Triquetra originates from the hit TV series Charmed, highlighting three sisters who happen to be witches. The trio work as a solitary element and the image shows up on the front of their 'Book of Shadows'; when the energy of three is in place, so is the image on the book however when the energy of three is isolated, the image is not joined together.

The Triquetra has additionally been utilized as a part of a few more TV shows and can be seen on clothes , T-shirts and fashion lines. The design can also be seen on the front of CDs and on a great many other elaborate imaginative designs.

The Versatility of the Trinity Knot

1- It can be utilized as an image of Ireland's old culture.

2- The interlaced knots can likewise be illustrative of everlasting affection. Sometimes called the Lovers Knot.

3- It can be given as a blessing with a specific end goal to pass on a desire of life span as it speaks to a continuous life.

4- The Trinity knot can even be utilized to layout the phases of a lady's life; youth, parenthood and maturity.

5- It is now and then called the Irish Love knot.

5- It makes for an beautiful fashionable tie knot.

6- It can make a great present for a large group of events, for example, an engagement, wedding and commemorations.

Treat yourself

With such a variety of potential design variations, out there its hard to find something of quality. Combining Trinity knot and my celtic cat pendant creates a beautiful modern take on a design that is so steeped in history.

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