Aquamarine Jewellery

Aquamarine: The Mesmerizing Gemstone of the Sea

In the world of gemstones, there are few that can capture the essence of the ocean quite like Aquamarine. This mesmerizing gemstone boasts a unique blend of blue and green hues that seem to shimmer like the waves themselves. It's no surprise that Aquamarine has been cherished by royalty, celebrities, and gemstone enthusiasts alike for centuries.

The History of Aquamarine

Aquamarine is a member of the beryl family of minerals, which also includes emerald and morganite. Its name comes from the Latin word for "water of the sea," which perfectly describes its cool, refreshing color. Aquamarine has been prized throughout history for its beauty, as well as its supposed healing properties. Ancient Greek and Roman cultures believed that Aquamarine could protect sailors on their voyages and bring them good luck.

Aquamarine has been used in jewelry for centuries, and some of the most famous pieces in history feature this stunning gemstone. The Queen of Portugal's crown is adorned with a massive Aquamarine that weighs over 1,000 carats, and the British Crown Jewels also feature several Aquamarine pieces. Celebrities like Elizabeth Taylor and Princess Diana have also been known to don Aquamarine jewelry, further cementing its status as a gemstone fit for royalty.

The Properties of Aquamarine

Aquamarine is a relatively hard gemstone, with a rating of 7.5-8 on the Mohs scale. It is typically found in large, clean crystals, which makes it an ideal choice for faceting into gemstones. The color of Aquamarine can vary depending on the location where it was mined, but the most prized stones have a deep blue-green color reminiscent of the ocean. Aquamarine is also known for its transparency, which allows light to pass through the stone and create a sparkling, brilliant effect.

The Benefits of Aquamarine

Aquamarine is believed to have several benefits for those who wear it. In addition to its alleged protective properties for sailors, Aquamarine is said to bring peace and calm to its wearer. It is also believed to promote clear communication and self-expression, making it a popular choice for those in creative fields. Some people even believe that Aquamarine can help to relieve stress and anxiety.

How to Wear Aquamarine

Aquamarine is a versatile gemstone that can be worn in many different styles of jewelry. Rings, earrings, necklaces, and bracelets all look stunning when adorned with this captivating gemstone. Aquamarine pairs well with white gold or platinum, which highlights the stone's cool, watery tones. For a more modern look, consider pairing Aquamarine with rose gold, which adds a warm, feminine touch to the gemstone.

Aquamarine is a gemstone that captures the essence of the ocean, making it a popular choice for those who love the sea. Its mesmerizing color and stunning brilliance make it a favorite among gemstone enthusiasts, while its supposed healing properties make it a beloved choice for those seeking peace and calm. Whether worn as a statement piece or as a subtle addition to an Irish jewelry collection, Aquamarine is sure to turn heads and leave a lasting impression.