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Aidi Mac Dáibhi bespoke is exclusively offered to customers who wish to have a one-of-a-kind piece of Irish jewellery created.

Aidi’s bespoke work has built up an unparalleled reputation and for over 30 years he has been personally designing one off Celtic jewelry pieces for people seeking original design, high quality craftsmanship and the highest levels of client care.

Musicians, Emmy and Oscar winning actors, sporting heroes, film & theatre directors, fashion designers, the Irish Government agencies and the Gaelic Athletic Association all make up Aidi’s dedicated customers. His bespoke customers are people who value Irish design, style, quality and discretion.


Aidi’s bespoke Irish jewellery service provides you with the opportunity to be involved in each step of the creation of a totally unique piece of Irish jewellery that is designed and handmade in Kenmare to your personal requirements.

From discussing initial ideas to creating your final piece, I will go above and beyond to ensure the whole journey is as special as possible.

I will be on hand to personally assist you throughout the process.


I think it is important for you to know how your Celtic ring or other fine jewellery is created. This includes where the metal or gems have been sourced and where the craftsmanship has taken place. All my handmade jewelry is crafted by Me, myself and I, in my tiny workshop in Kenmare, County Kerry.

Here at, I am proud to be acknowledged as a ‘Made in Ireland’ producer and take the greatest care that when a piece of fine jewelry leaves my workshop it is to the highest standards.


Aidi has more than three decades of experience from working at the bench and has sadly seen what has happened to the manufacturing of Irish jewellery over the past three decades.

Most if not all large production workshops have been closed down throughout Ireland and depressingly almost almost all retailers are now going with the flow and buying their stock from mass-manufacturers abroad and the Far East. In my opinion, this has major draw-backs as the quality, colour, styling and finishing of the jewelry isn’t close to Irish quality and more importantly my standards.

Every piece of bespoke jewelry I sell was created and finished in Kenmare, County Kerry.

From start to finish my jewelry is created in Ireland by hand, ensuring there is no compromise on craftsmanship.


An Aidi Mac Dáibhi bespoke commission encompasses design, artwork, craftsmanship and precious materials.

If you would like to contact myself about your idea for a bespoke commission, celtic wedding rings, or have any questions regarding the process or costs, please contact me either via the form below to set up the initial consultation or click on my phone number on the left hand corner.

If you prefer you can also arrange an appointment to come and speak to me in Kenmare.


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