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Dear Aidi,

I received the cross and I am so happy with your awesome craftsmanship!!.

Perfect size, very masculine, with gorgeous and unique one of a kind details!  

Thanks again and sure my partner will love this masterpiece for years to come!


Kevin Jenkins,


United States

11th April 2017

Best jeweller in Ireland! I'm gobsmacked at the details and craft you have. The ring fits my wife perfectly. Thanks for the note.

Keith Fitzgerald,

Belfast, Ireland

3rd March 2017


Hi Aidi,  just wanted to say thank you for making the pendant for Barry for my Christmas pressie, I really love it !!! What a beautiful surprise .Thank you for agreeing to make it "

Siobhan Rigney

Dublin, Ireland

Jan 2nd 2017


" Our matching wedding rings arrived!!!

Perfect fit.

Thank you so much.

I am very satisfied to have chosen you for it. 

Emilio Lazarte

Asa Norte, Brazil

Nov 29th 2016


"Present arrived for my wife

You are awesome mate.. timed perfectly arrived  on time 

Also, our matching wedding bands look as good as the the day you made them. I will absolutely be ordering more in the new year."

Peter Nygaard Jørgensen

Slangerup, Denmark

Dec 24th 2016


"Hello Aidi.

I just wanted to let you know that the ring arrived yesterday!  Thank you so much for this, I will treasure it always.  Thank you also for the note you sent, it was truly appreciated.  Patience was never a problem, I am more than happy to wait for quality and for something that comes from the heart of its creator.

All the very best to you and yours, Merry Christmas!"

Michelle Moore

Prince George, British Columbia,


Dec 23 2016


"AIDI, OMG NOW  you have out done yourself.  Next year I'm going to ask for more.   Thanks again. I'll send you a video link of when she receives it "

Barry O' Neill

Dublin, Ireland

Dec 24 2016



Tanx again Aidi,,the Mama's absolutely delighted with the piece, i haven't had the chance to see her today but was on the phone and I will tell you that she was not only surprised but to say thank "You" for a beautiful gift  "

Alan Long

Dublin, Ireland

Nov 9th 2016


"I lost my breath when I opened the box. I'm truly speechless at its beauty and craftsmanship."

Lorrie Judy

Kenai, Alaska, United States


My mother is speechless (for once) and the bracelet is a prefect match to her ring. It arrived this morning. Great job! You now my family jeweller forever. Cheers man. 

Jamie Murphy

Dublin, Ireland

Jan 3rd 2017



The ring arrived

It's beautiful

Thank you

Now, going to ask you for a price on another if that's ok?

It will be for a young fella, so a small finger 

In silver

Of the snake please??


Oonagh Derby

Belfast, Northern Ireland

Dec 22nd 2016


Ur the man.

Anthony D' Amico

Virginia, United States

9th Dec 2016


"Hi aidi. I got that 2day thanks. It's a lovely piece.  Blast from the past. I think we were in the same class together at one stage in the brothers. Hope you're well pal and thanks again."

Micheal Ansboro

Dublin, Ireland 

Dec 1st 2016


"Super excited this is our 15th wedding anniversary presents . We will take some good pics of them for you"

Margaret O' Brien

Edmonton, Canada

Jan 2nd 2017


"Ring arrived this morning. What a beauty. Never realized the details of the eyes in pics before. Excellent work. Thanks, Aidi. 

Def well happy, and when in future I'll be looking for more I'll know where to go to. Thanks again. "

Bjørn Kadelke

Kilkenny, Ireland

4th Aug 2016


"Thanks. I love it."

Nicola King

Sallins, Ireland

18th Nov 2016


"The parcel arrived. Thank you - the cuff links are fabulous. I have one of those cloths at home myself so i will shine them up before handing them over at Christmas. Thanks Aidi"

Elaine O Connell

Tralee, Ireland

Dec 2nd 2016


" We love them" ( gold Celtic wedding rings)

Ken Gahan

Portarlington, Ireland

12th Nov 2016


"Thank you Aidi our beautiful rings. We just got married today. Finally we can wear them. 

All the Best Anja and Peter"

Anja Nygaard Jørgenson


12th Nov 2016


"Wow that was quick, I love it and it's better to have it fitting right. Thanks a million Aidi "

Jacqueline Murphy

Dublin, Ireland

19th Aug 2016


"Hi Aidi - the ring came this morning. It is beautiful. I am very happy with it and my wife loves it very much. The size is perfect. Thank you very much for it.


Markwart VanRouda


2nd Jan 2016


"I wear it everyday... my ring is so perfect. I look forward to ordering another piece from you soon"

Samantha Harvey

Woodbridge, United States 

19th Oct 2016


"I love it thanks so much you can add the photos to Facebook if you want it's no problem he's not on it so he won't notice  thanks again"

Pamela Blake

Dublin, Ireland 

Dec 6 2016


"The stunning "Tree of Life" pendant and chain arrived. I continue to be amazed by your skills. Jenell will be so thrilled. I think the Emerald Isle was such a special place for them both,  that your letter is the icing on the cake!!! I am humbled by your kindness. Thank you,  Cathy "

Cathy Best

Jacksonville, Florida

27th Oct 2016


"It arrived on Monday Aidi. I absolutely LOVE it. I will be back for more!! Thank you."

Aine Doran

Galway, Ireland

2nd Jan 2017


Hi there! Package has arrived. Everything is gorgeous. The replacement earring looks identical to me, so well done! We weren't here for Christmas, so it was lovely to have them today!

Thanks so much, hope to place another order soon. - Aileen"

Aileen Bailitz

California, United States

4th Jan 2017


So the necklace just came all honesty I could not be happier. It looks amazing! Beyond amazing! And the engraving is perfect! I'm so happy my face hurts from how much I've been smiling! You seriously worked a miracle and I wanted to thank you for it.

Peter Domenicano

Alberta, Canada

19th Dec 2016


 Breathtaking, elegant, lovely! Aidi. I treasure the pendants I have received from you, I am so proud to have them. You are such an Awesome Artist and a Magnificent Craftsman!!! As soon as I have some $$$ I will purchase more. Word of Mouth is such a great way to achieve new customers! I know I've talked about you! Many Blessings for a Great New Year!”

Lissa Parker,


United States

6th Jan 2017


“My future wife wears it already”

A. J. Poetiray



Dec 8th 2017


"I recieved my pendant thank you. It was a gift to myself and it is exquisite. I really appreciate the handwritten note. Do you have facebook?  I will be posting a photo and would like to give u credit "

Sylvia Soto

Brooklyn, New York

United States

14th Dec 2016


"OMG Aidi, Thank You !! That just made my day."

Jim O' Donnell,

New England