Claddagh Wedding Ring

Claddagh Wedding Ring

Handcrafted Irish Claddagh ring in gold.

Please specify finish - satin or polished, when ordering

These rings are designed and made in Ireland by Hand.

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Claddagh Ring Legends

Irish Legends mentions that the very first designer of the Claddagh ring was a Galway Irish silversmith from the small town of Claddagh. Yes, the name is not actually a ring but a small town in Galway. The silversmiths name was R. Joyce - Who, through a series of unfortunate events became a enslaved by the moors in the seventeenth century and ended up a slave for fourteen years. He was eventually released in a deal between some soldiers and his owner, and he set sail back to Ireland to find his sweetheart. While in captivity he crafted the first Claddagh ring and gave it to her when they were reunited.

Here within these web pages I have designed many Irish rings and Claddagh style rings for you to check our. This is type of ring that is a definitive token of an Irish promise ring. 

Browse quality craftsmanship of my silver Claddagh rings in gold and silver or peruse my designs of expertly made gold rings, 

The Claddagh ring (Irish: fáinne Chladaigh) is an Irish promise ring given which speaks to love, steadfastness, and true companionship (the hands speak to kinship, the heart speaks to love, and the crown speaks to everlasting loyalty). The ring, as we know it today, was first created in the seventeenth century.


About these style rings

Claddagh rings have a place within a special group of other European finger rings called "fede rings". The name "fede" has origins from the Italian expression ‘mani in fede’ ("hands [joined] in confidence" or "hands [joined] in reliability"). These rings date from Roman times, when the activity of fastened hands was a way of swearing pledges, and they were utilized as engagement/wedding bands in medieval and Renaissance Europe. 

Fede rings are unmistakable in that the centre has two hands that symbolize confidence and trust or "plighted troth". The Claddagh ring is a minor departure from the fede ring, while the hands, heart, and crown theme was utilized as a part of England in the mid eighteenth century. So it’s interesting to note that Fede rings were popular at that time and that the Claddagh is a derivative of the Fede ring

Around the 1920s this ring began to become more popular, both as an item of jewelry and as a symbol defining Irish heritage. During the late 1960’s and 1970’s and into present day these style rings were designed with interweaved designs and consolidated with other Celtic and Irish images. This is an exceptionally late aspect that relates with the overall extension in notoriety of the Claddagh ring as a seal of Irish identity. In keeping true to the original design, I did not gild the Lily, so to speak and that is why I put no further embellishments onto the ring as was common in the 60’s and 70’s

Did you Know?

The oldest makers of the this ring are from Galway.

They were the first manufacturing goldsmiths of the ring and this was around the year 1750. It is actually extremely rare today to find a jeweller who crafts Claddagh rings by hand. (Most claddaghs are mass produced)

Many goldsmithing firms manufacture this style ring, but few, if none craft by hand. 

The Irish Claddagh

The Claddagh Ring dhas become an iconic symbol of promise made real and Irish heritage because of its distinctive outline.

This beautiful rings history, irish legends and connection to Galway, ireland make this ring a popular seller worldwide.These rings are hand-made in my workshop and with more than 30 years experience at the jewellers bench, I can ensure genuine craftsmanship and perfection in my Celtic Jewellery designs. 

Instructions to Wear Your Ring 

If you're single: Place the ring on your right hand with the bottom of the heart pointing outwards. 

If you’re in a relationship: Place it on your right hand with the bottom of the heart pointed inwards. 

If you're engaged: Wear it on your left hand with the heart indicating outwards. 

If you're married: Wear it on your left hand with the bottom of the heart pointing inwards. 

Legends of this Irish promise ring

There are a great many half forgotten stories and legends related with the making of the very first Claddagh ring. Extensive parts of these stories are often told as myths. A few of these stories are closer to the truth, yet no one actually is 100% positive about who first designed the very first Claddagh. If I was to give an opinion I would just say that it was designed by jeweller in Galway around the early 1700’s and the design was a variant of a popular Roman ring at the time called a Fede ring - slowly over time the new style gained popularity and the old style was forgotten. Below are some of the myths tales and legends regarding the Claddagh ring.

Designed by a woman 

In this tale the ring was designed by a woman who lost her husband and remarried.Maggie Joyce was married to a merchant who died young. Hher husband left her a large fortune and she ten married a wealthy trader from Galway city. To celebrate her new marriage Maggie paid for the design of two bespoke rings which would become know as the Claddagh rings e know today.

R. Joyce and the pirates

The tale of an Irish man named R. Joyce who crafted the ring with his own hands. Legend says that he was captured on the high seas while returning to his love and sold by pirates as a slave to Arabs. In the midst of his time spent as a slave, his goldsmith owner demonstrated to him the capacities and skills vital to work as a goldsmith. This was an ability that Richard took to, and ended up being to a great degree competent at. After years in subjugation, Mr. Joyce was permitted opportunity in the late seventeenth century to gain his freedom. The goldsmith, who did not want to lose Joyce, offered him his daughter in attempts to entice him to remain, but remain he did not. Declining the offer, Joyce returned to his home in the town of Galway in Ireland. Upon his landing to Ireland, he opened a Goldsmithing workshop and made the ring style that is now renowned . Some of the earliest types of these rings bear Joyce's stamp and initials.

The truth

We can not be sure who designed and made the first rings and perhaps there is a grain of truth in the stories. However, it does not matter who first made this beautiful ring, because we know this style started much further back - in the era of the Romans with a style called Fede Rings. These were commonly worn in the Middle Ages and onwards, dying out in the late 1700’s and designed with hands that addressed both trust and frienship. 

Irish Tradition 

Claddagh wedding rings are a traditional choice of Irish jewelry for a great many. They have most part been passed down from mother to daughter. This is why it is extremely important to have your Irish ring crafted to last generations. Today they are given for different reasons other than an heirloom, and are worn by men and likewise women. How a man wears the ring demonstrates what sort of relationship he is in. This is the same for ladies. This can be denoted by which hand the ring is worn on, and which way the heart is facing. (see above)

Irish culture spreads 

One of the main reasons that the ring became popular in America and other countries was the Potato Famine. In the midst of this period which was roughly from 1845 to 1852, a great many Irish left Ireland for the United States and Canada, forsaking everything but the ring they wore. This ring was worn with great sentiment and prideNormal Misspellings of Claddagh 

Irish Jewelry Online

Irish jewellery designer Aidi Mac Dáibhi creates precious metal designs by hand in his workshop in Listowel and you can buy irish jewellery online on this website.

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Irish handmade jewelry has a long tradition that spans a great many generations and goes back in time to the ancient Celts.

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Claddagh Wedding Ring

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