Claddagh Wedding Ring - Mans

Claddagh Wedding Band

Handcrafted Irish Claddagh Mans ring in yellow or white gold.

Please specify finish - satin or polished, when ordering.

Is the day of your wedding fast approaching? Is it time to select the Claddagh wedding rings that yourself and your partner will proudly wear forever? If the reply to that question is a yes, then you have found the right website.

10 facts about Claddagh rings

  1. The irish Claddagh ring was first designed around the mid 17th century.
  2. Gold Cladddagh ring contain three elements - hands , heart and crown. The silver claddagh ring also contains these three elements,
  3. Irish claddagh rings in Ireland are passed down from other to daughter.
  4. Although we can't be sure as to an exact date of the crating of the first ring ,we do know it was in the village of Cladagh.
  5. The claddagh ring takes its name form an Irish place name meaning "stony shoreline"
  6. The tradition of Irish claddagh rings spread around the world after the 1840's due to the terrible Irish famine and the great many Irish who left for America and Canada,.
  7. Irish rings and irish promise rings have a longer history than you might know - the Claddagh is a c=variant of a much more ancient design called the Fede ring.
  8. Claddagh rings have become popular to add eltic jewelry designs to the shank of the ring. This began to become popular int the mid 1960's and continues today.
  9. Irish jewelry (in the form of rings), Celtic rings and Claddagh wedding band are a style of ring called 'promise rings'
  10. The very first Claddagh ring was made in Galway by R. Joyce and you can if your lucky come across one of the originals - usually in museums but you never know. You could just be lucky and find one in a second hand store. Who nows - check the makers mark inside the shank.

A Claddagh wedding band is a truly unique way to respect both your love and Irish heritage. Only here at are you offered such an an extreme high quality variety of exquisite ladies and mens Claddagh wedding bands inspired by the ancient Celtic designs of the Irish and Celtic cultures. 

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Claddagh Wedding Ring - Mans

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