Claddagh Razor Pendant

Claddagh Necklace

This Razor Claddagh pendant celebrates our Love, Loyalty and friendship and the bonds that can not be cut. Wrought from sterling silver sheet and crafted completely by hand this pendant can not be bought anywhere else. 

Each Razor Claddagh is crafted by hand. if you'd like a matching pair, keep in mind I will craft this modern take on the traditional Claddagh out of the same silver - so the each pendant is a true matching pair

What does the word Claddagh mean?

This is actually quite a common question worldwide. So, the hands on the design are shown embracing a single heart and the hands signify true friendship , the heart denotes fidelity and the crown means loyalty. 

What does Claddagh mean in Gaelic?

The Old Irish word Claddagh  comes from the Irish language term 'An Cladach' this means a 'flat stony shore’. The small fishing village of Claddagh is located on the shore of County Galway and takes its name from the Gaelic meaning. The word itself has no relationship with rings or jewelry, but the original Claddagh ring design ws made here, hence its name.

How to pronounce the word Claddagh?

The old Gaelic Irish spelling of this word tells us that 'Cladach' was originally pronounced [klad-ukh] and sounded out with a hard, guttural ending that is very common in the Irish language.

The word is now more commonly pronounced without the ‘gaelic pronunciation’ as [klad-uh].

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Claddagh Razor Pendant

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